Belgian Waffle Ride
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The Belgian Waffle Ride is a tribute to the history of bike racing in Belgium. The task of this project was to help rebrand the even to become modern and streamlined while also attracting a wider range of audience. 

design Starting with the logo, a combination of Helvetica and Amador was used in order to represent the modernity of BWR’s courses and creativity in cycling while Amador still grounds the logo with the historical aspect of professional cycling in Belgium. The guidebook became more sophisticated by using black and white photography as well as the black extended version of Helvetica. As for the digital ads, an emphasis of color was utilized in order to have them be more eye-catching on Instagram for people to register. The merchandise reflects these bold color choices and is a more modern update for the branding.

The application is also color-based and features a unique home page that connects it to the interesting event. The email redesign was separated into chunks that were organized by color and made sense for the viewer as they scrolled due to larger headlines and separated typography. Click here to view the app. 

Client: Belgian Waffle Ride, student project
Date: December 2021
Skills: InDesign, Photoshop, Layout, Typography, Adobe XD, Social Media, Copywriting, Prototyping