Cake! Food Truck

CAKE! is an imagined bakery on wheels food truck that would serve the Los Angeles area. With this project, the main goal was to design a consistent and interesting theme for a food truck company by utilizing specific brand elements to tie in each asset.

design The first part of this brand was the logo. I wanted a “messy” look to the brand and established this through the logo with a handwritten original font and rough edges. An exclamation point was added at the end to create more visual interest and a welcoming feeling for potential customers. The menu and advertisements designs mirror each other with copied textures and traced over text for an organic look on every word. The illustration style chosen was one that is an off beat version of current trends with art not taking itself too seriously. This involves lots of unwieldy lines and simple colors.

The specific illustration style follows into the patterns on the food truck design and packaging with thick and thin lines that wobble in each drawing. The front of the truck is covered in a pattern with the word “CAKE” and has hidden text elements to keep the viewer’s interest as they wait in line. The other side of the truck utilizes illustrations from the pattern in an overlarged view with the information for the truck in the middle.

Client: CAKE!, school project
Date: December 2021
Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Typography, Blender, Packaging