Flower Moon Festival
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backgroundThe Collective is a student-run organization based out of Chapman University founded in 2019. Their goal is to cultivate community, collaboration and exposure for artists across all corners of campus. We organize shows featuring live music, visual art, pop-up shops, and more, helping showcase Chapman's diverse student artist community. They hired me to put on their first large-scale event called Flower Moon Festival. 

Overall, the festival was a large success with 653 tickets sold, almost 800 people in attendance, 15 artists and bands playing, along with 34,100 accounts reached on Instagram with the main poster reaching over 23,000 and reshared 397 times.

designThe logo and main poster design is where I began my ideation for this festival. I wanted the  overall look to be friendly and felt as though
flower “characters” would help emphasize this. The logo typeface is custom handlettering with added shading to help reinforce this more illustrated, non-streamlined look.

For promotional materials, I created artist highlights with color palettes connecting back to the main poster. I also designed lineup times that were helpful to people wanting to go to the festival in showcasing which aritst would be where at what time. I developed the cassette tape design as well as the ticket giveaway post. I decided to create outlines of my flowers to add more diversity to the project and make it more interesting to viewers.

Client: The Collective
Date: February 2022
Skills: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Layout, Typography, Social Media, Illustration, Mockups, Animation

Another aspect of this festival branding involved designing merchandise which is something I have always been interested in. I designed tshirts, a hoodie, tote bags and a trucker hat concept which were all printed by Black Print Ink USA and sold at the festival. I incorporated the flowers again in the main merchandise design while introducing a new more contemporary design utilizing gradients and a simpler flower motif. As for the trucker hat, I used the slogan from the main design. All designs sold out.