Friends to Lovers Cookbook

Our book design class was tasked with creating a 2 part cookbook series that had a theme to tie them together. My overall concept of this cookbook comes from a line in Celeste’s song “Strange” which is “ From strangers to friend Friends into lovers”.  The design of the cookbooks highlights not a recipe, but a person (one of the my friends) or a couple and what they are creating.  

Originally when creating this project, only a recipe spread was needed but a secondary spread was added as a photo gallery to showcase the process of the recipe and how the person works in their own environment. The actual photos taken were edited in Lightroom with a filter to help tie in the color scheme. A bold sans serif was utilized for the header in order to jump out at the viewer trying to choose a recipe. A secondary header font of the names of the people is a handwritten font called “Reey” to add more of a sketched/personalized feel to each spread.

I wanted to give the typography a lot of space in the leading so that people could read it easier as they were cooking and also only used sans serif for the body copy to match the header and have better readability. The layout of the cookbook was designed as photography first, recipe second in order to highlight the beautiful flash photos (all flash for consistency).

Client: Bunny Books, school project
Date: October 2021
Skills: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Photography, Layout, Composition, Typography