Twin Islands Advertising

Twin Islands Retreat rests on the shores of Sitka, Alaska and is an intimate, all-inclusive retreat with private suites and grandoise views. of Alaska’s best. The client wanted advertisements to post online and in magazines to help boost their reach and establish themselves as a top competitor against other luxury Alaskan resorts nearby. I designed three different concepts for the client all relating to the theme of uniqueness, relaxation, and intrigue.

design The first poster showcases a circular snowy photo inside of another springtime landscape in Alaska which represents the four season aspect of the state.  The copy, “A place like no other.” helps establish the client as more unique than other retreats.

The second poster is a more simple typographical treatment on top of an edited photo of Alaska. The copy suggests that Twin Islands is more than just a retreat as they offer services that help “connect” their visitors with nature and “refresh” themselves in the Alaskan atmosphere.

The third concept is an interesting photo split showcasing sights you can see (a mother and her cub) as well as exploring in a kayak. I chose photographs with similar tones so they almost blend together in the middle with Sitka, Alaska in a handwritten font merging the two.

Client: Twin Islands Retreat
Date: March 2022
Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Typography, Color Grading